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The Rompetrols
Build your own track based on sound and video samples and become part of The Rompetrols, the youngest top performing team.
This was an innovative project on our side; together with our friends from Odyssey, we built an application as part of the campaign which they created for Rompetrol in 2008, one of the largest European oil companies.

The company has a management team of over 200 people, spread all over 6 countries. The team is young and highly competent, and the brand campaign focused on this aspect, portraying them as band that plays fantastically well together.

We declined the TV commercial that featured an Electric Brother song which the characters were playing, by making it as interactive as possible, allowing other people in the company but also outsiders to take part in this.

Basically, we decided to extract instrument samples from the track so that people can reuse and compose their own song with them. The task was not simple, since we still wanted to relate it to the TVC, therefore the samples also contained the video component.

Once we accomplished this task it all went smoothly. Things worth mentioning from the application are the ability to create and edit musical tracks, remix, store and share your song, have people comment on it and spread it viral. One of the coolest things is the feature where we're also generating a new music video based on the visual information attached to the samples.

No matter how many tracks you use, we have a video split functionality that keeps the ratio: one, two or three videos are playing in the same frame set.